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Debian 5.0 'Lenny' installed

I installed Debian 5.0 last night on my eeepc 701 4gig, and it went well, i used the install image for the eeepc, dd'ed it to my usb stick, and started the install. It automatically registered the wireless, and I finished the network installation over my wireless. Upon first boot everything worked well. Wireless was working, the FN keys were working to allow me to change my screen brightness and performance was pretty snappy feeling on the eeepc. The base install and some laptop stuff put me at only ~500mb of free space, but removing part of openoffice and some cd burning utilities freed up a good amount of space. I removed some other packages that were un-needed and am now at 1.5gb of free space. I added some mesa and libgl packages, and edited my xorg.conf for direct rendering, but it didn't really seem like it needed it. My only complaint is that trying to remove a lot of the packages that come in the install like "cheese" for the webcam, and "ekiga" softphone require me to also remove 'gnome-desktop', which does not work for me. That was the only real issue. Other than that, this install went well. The last debian install had some issues and my system was very unstable, so i think my .iso image might have been corrupted the first time. I am happy to say Debian is running like a champ on the eeepc, and doesn't feel slow at all.


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