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Hoping someone is still watching this comm and can answer my question, LOL.

I purchased an eeePC 710 SD with Linux about a month ago. I love it, but... I have the same "wireless connection: pending" problem that so many people have at work. Also, the battery doesn't run quite long enough for me.

So, I'm planning on selling my 701 (though I do love it! The wireless works fantastic everywhere else and I love having it in the kitchen to watch you tube videos while I'm cooking or whatever) and getting something with windows XP (yes, yes, boo hiss, I know) because it seems that the wireless connection problems only plague the Linux versions. I've found a place that's selling the eeePC 1000 (no extra letters, LOL) for about $350. A bit more than the $150 I paid for the 701, but if I can truly get 5 hours of battery life and connect at work, it will be worth it.

So, does anyone on here have experience with the 1000 and can tell me their impressions?

Debian 5.0 'Lenny' installed

I installed Debian 5.0 last night on my eeepc 701 4gig, and it went well, i used the install image for the eeepc, dd'ed it to my usb stick, and started the install. It automatically registered the wireless, and I finished the network installation over my wireless. Upon first boot everything worked well. Wireless was working, the FN keys were working to allow me to change my screen brightness and performance was pretty snappy feeling on the eeepc. The base install and some laptop stuff put me at only ~500mb of free space, but removing part of openoffice and some cd burning utilities freed up a good amount of space. I removed some other packages that were un-needed and am now at 1.5gb of free space. I added some mesa and libgl packages, and edited my xorg.conf for direct rendering, but it didn't really seem like it needed it. My only complaint is that trying to remove a lot of the packages that come in the install like "cheese" for the webcam, and "ekiga" softphone require me to also remove 'gnome-desktop', which does not work for me. That was the only real issue. Other than that, this install went well. The last debian install had some issues and my system was very unstable, so i think my .iso image might have been corrupted the first time. I am happy to say Debian is running like a champ on the eeepc, and doesn't feel slow at all.
I have limited internet time to research this and I'd like some actual recommendations. I just started up my new (first) Asus notebook earlier this evening, and I'm really pleased, but an external CD-rom drive is definitely in order. I've seen some for under $20 online, and they seem to get good reviews, but I'd really like to make sure I'm getting one that will work with my particular model specifically.

So, if you can, please recommend to me an external CD-Rom drive that you know from experience will work with the 900HA. Thanks =D

New community

Please delete if this isn't okay...

I figured with the wide range of netbooks available now, it would be nice to have an all-inclusive community to discuss netbooks in general.

So, here you go: netbookworld
I'm getting a huge cluster of dead pixels on the bottom right corner of my screen. Is this normal/under warranty?

Linux Distros

I've got my new 900HA arriving tomorrow... What other distros are people running other than the default Xandros?
Specifically, anyone running Arch?

Eee's at Target

This might already be widely known.. but I was surprised to find these at Target:

Oct. 28th, 2008

Hi I just got my asus eeepc 900 and i was wondering  if there is anyway way to put custom or downloaded thems on it

cheap SDHC cards!

So I was at Fry's this evening, and they've got 8GB Patriot SDHC cards for only $14.99 after rebate.

You can get it online here:


This is by far the best deal I've seen for such a large SDHC card, and it'll make a big difference in your eeePC's storage...

EeeBuntu Netbook Remix

I have been using my eeepc for about a year now, slightly less. I have used several distributions customized specifically for the eeepc, some good, some bad, and some just blah. I recently started using eeebuntu netbook remix, which is a lot like the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but suited specifically for the eeepc. It has a nice polished interface, the program launcher is more of what I think the Xandros OS that comes with it should have looked like. Its got a nice polished Mac quality to it. If anyone has an eeepc, I strongly recommend taking a look at it. They have a nice version that has a lower app launcher like the mac/os program launcher, and then the netbook remix version that i am using.

Eeebuntu Netbook Remix