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My custom-made EEE bag

I wasn't satisfied with the bags I could find to lug the EEE around. So I asked Ruta to design me a bag! I sent her the measurements, she asked me for my preferences, and three weeks later I got my bag!
Photos are on my journal.

What do you use to carry your EEE around?

Jul. 29th, 2008

Do you like games?

I like games.

Let's talk about the games that work on our eeePCs. Together.

So far, in addition to the standard games, I've managed to get OpenTTD up and running, and DosBox is puttering along. Wine works, too, but it's greatly constrained by screen size.

How about you?

Install Ubuntu Hardy on an EEEPC

I bought an Asus EEEPC, the Linux 900 version. Since I run Ubuntu on my desktop and hence have heavily invested in Synaptic know-how, I wanted Ubuntu on my laptop too. Unfortunately, Ubuntu does not support the EEEPC hardware, so I had to look at a tailor-made distro.

At first, I found Ubuntu-EEE, but their ISO hasn't been updated for quite a while, and a lot of things still need manual tweaking. Then I found EEEBuntu, which released its 1.0 ISO two weeks ago. Most of the things work out of the box (wifi, webcam, sound), but there are a few things that need to be done manually.

For the benefit of others, I will give a list of the things I had to do to get it all working under the cutCollapse ).

The forums are quite active, full of helpful people. So if you run into anything I haven't covered, you could try asking there.

Day Planner?

Hello all! I just recieved my EEE 701 in the mail today, and am already fiddling around with it. In the past hour I managed to freak myself out by system restoring from a USB and getting an error, but I realized I hadnt copied all the files over so that was an easy fix. My question is, are there any programs I can download or get to run on linux that are calendar/day planner type programs? If there are any it would make the EEE complete for me. Thanks for any help!


The eeePC 900 is offically available.

I, for one, really really really really want this thing.

But I'm going to be smart and be happy with the one I have. :\

Anyone planning on upgrading?


So, when the eeePC was first announced, one of my very first thoughts was, "this will make a great DOSBox machine". Hence, I decided to install DOSBox.

First off, I followed these instructions to add extra repositories to the Synaptic package manager. After updating Synaptic (via sudo apt-get update), I installed DOSBox via apt-get install dosbox.

DOSBox doesn't have a default configuration file when installed in Linux. You have to create one. Start DOSBox from a console using sudo dosbox - the sudo part is important, since it's the only way to create the config file (at least, that was how it worked in my case). Once DOSBox is loaded, type CONFIG -writeconf dosbox.conf at the DOS prompt, hit enter, and exit DOSBox. Then type sudo chmod 777 ~/dosbox.conf in your terminal window to set permissions so you can edit it easily. Now you can edit dosbox.conf (it's in your home directory) with KWrite or Pico/Nano or whatever else you want to use.

To auto-mount a games directory, you can add the lines to the bottom of dosbox.conf under the [autoexec] section. For instance, mount C /home/user/dosgames will mount ~/dosgames to C: in DOSBox.

This is as far as I've gotten. I'm going to make a nice 128x128 PNG icon for DOSBox and add it under the Games sub-tab in the easy mode interface. Sound worked right away for Hocus Pocus, but it pops a little every once in awhile - I'm sure there's a configuration change I need to make to fix that. The framerate and everything else worked with the default config, though. You can hit Alt+Enter from within DOSBox to toggle fullscreen mode. On the eeePC's low-resolution screen, even full screen looks pretty good (it looks terrible interpolated up to 1280x1024, but 800x480 isn't bad at all).

Anyhow, if anyone else is up for trying it out, do it! I'm a big fan of old Apogee DOS games, so it's great in my opinion. I'll update if I figure out how to make sound perform better.

I would recommend, like the other person who posted about it, using a more eeePC-friendly theme. Generator (both S1 and S2) is very 800x480-friendly, IIRC.Any of the themes that have a sidebar are just going to be too narrow (or go off the side of the screen) on the eeePC's display.


I've somehow lost /opt/xandros/bin/eeepc-frozen-bubble-helper.sh, and now Frozen Bubble isn't showing up in Easy Mode. I know it's installed - I can run it just fine from the CLI.

Could someone paste your copy of this file so I can recreate it? Thanks!

Also: I'm pretty sure I installed AbiWord, but I can't find it for the life of me. Where might it be?

hay guys

I just got an eeePC today (for free, no less) to review for a website. I get to keep it, so I'm already figuring out what I want to do with it after I've taken pictures and written the review.

The Xandros install has got to go, for sure - I'm very very used to Windows and know how to make it my bitch, and I'd like to install it. My only concern is that the window dimensions for control panel applets and open/save dialogs and whatnot are too big for the 800x480 display. Anyone found a good Windows XP visual style that majorly cuts down on UI fluff?

I'm going to try the eee customization of xubuntu, but I'm not a huge Ubuntu fan - I'm just a Windows girl, what can I say...

Mine doesn't have the mini-PCIe connection next to the RAM slot, so I'll be putting bluetooth in there at some point. Maybe.

I've done quite a bit of mods to another laptop (my old clamshell iBook G3), including upgrading the LCD to a higher resolution. I don't even know if there are any 7" LCDs on the market that are higher resolution than what's in the eeePC, but I'll be investigating for sure.

Anyhow. There's my "hi I'm new" post. Hopefully this community will grow as the eeePC gains popularity.


Anyone using a gps with their Eee? Gpsdrive works alright for me, but I'd like Navit or Roadnav for directions.


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